Thursday, April 19, 2012

You CAN Get There From Here, But...

After being on the "car-free diet" for just over a year, we have become pretty good at finding our way around London, England, and other parts of Europe using various combinations of buses, trams, trains, subways, boats, airplanes, and just plan walking.  For Josh, you can add cycling to the mix as well.  In fact, we have become so used to a car-free lifestyle that we rarely even take taxis anywhere, even though they are plentiful in London.

Earlier this week, Josh attended a conference/corporate retreat at a hotel in northern England located 14 miles from the nearest train station.  So did he get a ride with a co-worker?  Rent a car?  Take a taxi from the train station?  Nope.  He packed everything he needed for the 3-day conference (at which he was giving a presentation) into his panniers, slung his laptop over his shoulder, and set off on his bicycle.
Josh heads off to his 3-day conference
He rode his bike up to the train station, took it on the train with him to Chester, and then cycled the remaining 14 miles to the hotel.  That's how he rolls.

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  1. Chester is where my great-grandfather was born! And I walked to Bethesda for lunch the weekend before last, so I heartily approve of Josh's decision to cycle to the hotel from the train station. :)


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