Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saint George's Earth Day

Saturday afternoon we encountered yet another festival in Trafalgar Square.   Since Sunday was Earth Day and Monday was St. George's Day, someone seems to have come up with the brilliant idea of celebrating them both with a Garden Festival.  (Possibly due to the rather meager turnout at last year's St. George's Day festival.)  The only hitch is that Trafalgar Square is a massive, paved plaza in the middle of the city -- really the LAST place you'd expect to host a garden-related event of any kind.  The solution: cover it with AstroTurf, erect a bandstand, and bring in a few potted plants and flower boxes.  Voila!  An urban oasis.  Well, sort of...
Garden Festival in Trafalgar Square
As a nod to St. George, we did see at least one dragon, although this one seemed to be some sort of  music-making machine.
Dragon calliope
They also had people dressed as statues and trees posed in various spots around the square -- which is really no different than any other day in Trafalgar Square, except they didn't ask for money when you took their picture. 
Did she put this on her resume?
The highlight (for me), was a tent with floral creations representing London landmarks and institutions -- sort of like a mini Rose Parade.
Chelsea Physic Garden
Afternoon tea
London transport
High Street shopping
The Gherkin, Big Ben, and the London Eye
The Tower Bridge and Queen's Jubilee
I had to drag Josh out of there before he tried to eat the beautiful flower cakes, but it was a nice little detour on our way to Leicester Square to buy theater tickets.  I wonder what they'll do next year?

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