Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Antiquing in Lewes

"Antiquing" is an oddly specific word, but it's not quite the same as shopping for antiques.  It's more about the experience than the results -- at least in my experience.

A group of my AWC buddies and I took a day trip to the cute little town of Lewes to go antiquing.  The morning started out with a few sprinkles, but the sun came out and brightened up our day.
A sunny day!
It was an easy train ride from Victoria Station and a short walk to the town center, which is chock-a-block with antique stores. 
Lewes War Memorial
Many of the antique stores looked quite small from the street, but turned out to be a labyrinth of stalls and cabinets crammed full of potential treasures.

Beatrix Potter
Art Nouveau china
Cheesy American stuff
Fine china, with disco ball!
Even the local "Flea Market" had quite a lot to offer, as evidenced by the full suits of armor in the windows.
Nice digs for a flea market!
China and a lovely christening gown
"vintage" telephones
Biological specimens, including a horse skull
Colorful steak plates
While many of us, including myself, returned home empty-handed, we all had a wonderful time.  We were antiquing -- not shopping, after all --  The thrill of the hunt is just as fun as finding something you actually want (and can afford) to buy...


  1. I like your slant on things. I've been to Lewes and other antiquing adventures, often coming home empty handed, but having had a marvelous time. Always something fascinating to see and friends to share time with.

  2. I wonder whether one of the suits of armor came from Tom Sarris's Orleans Steak House? ;-)

  3. LOL, Diana! I had forgotten about that place. I wonder what happened to all the cheesy decor. Any new restaurants in Arlington with a salad bar shaped like a Mississippi river boat?

  4. I've kept my eye out for the Orleans House paraphernalia ever since the restaurant closed. As I recall, even the Mississippi River boat salad bar was for sale. I haven't seen it yet, but there continue to be enough new restaurants opening here that I guess you never know . . .


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