Monday, July 23, 2012

Torch Day

The Olympic torch came through Wimbledon today, and passed within a couple blocks of my house.  Josh's Aunt Kris is visiting us, so the two of us walked down the street on this gorgeous afternoon to watch the torch relay make its way up to the All England Lawn Tennis Club, where Andy Murray was scheduled to pass the torch to Venus Williams.  We decided to skip the crowds and celebrity sightings in favor of local flavor -- although I did find myself wishing we had gone to Croydon earlier in the day to see Patrick Stewart carry the torch....
Crowds start to gather on Haydons Road
The couple is clearly carrying a torch for one another
These kids were getting a little tired of waiting
Ooh, this looks promising!
Samsung bus with cheerleaders and video screen
The ubiquitous Union Jack
The Coke bus handed out free Cokes
But the Lloyds bus did not hand out cash
The torch police!
Another bus...
And last, but not least -- THE TORCH!  The torchbearer was Kelly Gura, one of the many people nominated to carry the torch by their peers.
The Olympic Flame
As we walked home with our neighbors, Kris said, "Well, that was neat!  How often do you get to see the Olympic torch go right by your house?" 

Actually, this is the second time.  When I was living in Washington, DC in 1996, the Olympic torch went right past the apartment building I lived in.  That was also the same day that Josh and I started dating, so "Torch Day" has always had a special meaning for us.  I was sorry that Josh wasn't able to watch the torch go by with me again today, but we still wished one another a Happy Torch Day when he left for work this morning.  And with another day of warm, sunny weather, it was a very happy day, indeed!


  1. We saw the torch on it's way to LA in 1984. (I think in San Luis Obispo) It was more low key then. We took pics with the torch bearer.

  2. How exciting! I'm headed that way tomorrow and can't wait for the action!


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