Thursday, June 7, 2012

Union Jack

What is it about the British flag?  Well, for one, it has the benefit of radial symmetry, which means it looks pretty much the same when you turn it upside down or sideways.  It's a rare quality in a flag that makes it a perfect decorative motif, especially for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  In addition to the ubiquitous bunting, nearly every shop has artfully arranged red, white, and blue displays featuring the Union Jack.  Department store windows have taken this to the extreme...
Jubilee products
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Even at the supermarket, the Union Jack can be found on special "limited editions" of everyday products.
Jubilee Marmite
Jubilee dishwasher detergent
More Jubilee dishwasher detergent
Limited edition mansize Kleenex
Limited Edition crackers
Even toilet paper!
Chocolate biscuits
Very British ready meals
Never have so many grocery products been so patriotic!  I wonder if anyone is actually collecting all those "limited edition" products?

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  1. So funny--we blogged about the same thing this week. I love your grocery interpretation. I was looking for the Fairy dishwashing soap but did not find it! Fun, fun!


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