Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Familiar Face

Now that we've been in London for almost a year, we've made a few new friends and feel more at home here, but it's still nice to see people we know from back in the US.  Tuesday evening Josh and I took the train to the Southbank Centre to meet up with my friend Trisha's husband David, who was in town on business.  Trish and I worked together at Discovery for many, many years -- in fact, neither of us was married yet when we first met -- but I'd only met David in person a few times, mostly at parties.  But now that we are Facebook friends, and read one another's blogs, we know each other a little better.

David is pretty snarky on Facebook, but (he'll probably kill me for saying this) he's a very sweet guy in real life.  We had a nice time catching up over dinner and sharing travel stories.  He comes to London a couple times a year -- last time he was here we were in DC -- so there's a good possibility we'll be seeing him again.  London is not as exotic as most of the places he travels to with his family, but I encouraged him to bring Trish and their kids along next time.  Fingers crossed...

After dinner, we tried to take a photo with Parliament and the London Eye in the background, but that's not so easy at night.
with flash
without flash
I need to work on my Photoshop skills so I can cut us out of the first photo and paste it into the second one...

Anyway, it was nice to see a familiar face from DC here in London.  I hope we'll see a few more this year.


  1. Hey, Naina, my point-and-shoot camera has a "night shot" setting that does both a slightly longer exposure to get the background, and pops the flash to get the foreground. That could save you some Photoshop, if yours has a similar setting.

  2. Mine has a night setting, too, which I used for the second photo, but it does a longer exposure and disables the flash. There may be a separate setting for a night portrait which I haven't discovered yet -- thanks for the tip!


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