Sunday, April 24, 2011


Friday was a bank holiday here (Good Friday, indeed!), so since Josh didn't have to work, we took a field trip to Greenwich in the afternoon. This time, we tried yet another form of public transportation: the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).
DLR train at Tower Station
We took the tube to the Tower of London and transferred to the DLR station about a block away.  After a 20-minute ride through the glass skyscrapers on the Isle of Dogs, we emerged in Greenwich.  We had a (relatively) quick lunch at the local Cafe Rouge, and then headed for the Maritime Museum.
National Maritime Museum
The museum was a bit smaller than we expected, although it looked like some parts were under construction or being renovated -- and we may have missed some parts as we only had an hour and a half before they closed.  They did have an interesting variety of stuff in there, including this record-setting speedboat from the 1930's:
Josh poses with Miss Britain III (the boat)

Prince Frederick's barge, built in 1732

A modern racing boat
Superman's Fortress of Solitude (kidding!)
They also had a nice temporary exhibit of toy boats, some of which were quite elaborate
After they shooed us out of the museum, we headed up the hill to the Royal Observatory.  It was another lovely spring day, so everyone was outside enjoying the sun.
The observatory closed at 5 as well, but we did get to see the official clock and standards of measurement.
And the Prime Meridian!
I couldn't quite get the compass on my iPhone to register 0° E, but we were pretty darn close!
The view from the top of the hill was spectacular!
Some Italian tourists asked us to take a photo of them, so they returned the favor.
After we enjoyed the view for a while, we headed back down the hill to check out the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College.
There seems to be a serious issue with itinerant ice cream vendors on this street!
The buildings were all closed, but they were quite impressive from the outside.  Right behind me is the Thames river.
By then we had our fill of Greenwich for the day, so we made our way back to the DLR station and headed back home. We stopped in Kensington on the way and had a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant.  We'll definitely have to go back to Greenwich sometime, but we may save it for when we have visitors, now that we know our way around.

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